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Great news! North American Diamond Brokers has officially moved to With tons of videos and articles added to our Diamond Education page, over 500 rings featured by the designers we carry, and our new signature collection, we are proud to announce the launch of our sleek and intuitive, new website. makes it even easier to buy or sell your diamond with the confidence of knowing that you are getting the best diamond for your money, or the most money for your diamond. You can still use our diamond search page to define the diamond you are looking for by its shape, weight, color, cut, clarity and price. Or if you want to conduct a more advanced search, you can define criteria such as: polish, table, fluorescence, symmetry, and more. In addition, you will still be able to refer to David’s recommended cut characteristics for each diamond shape so that you can rest assured knowing that all aspects of the diamond contribute positively to the stone’s overall worth.


Do you currently have a diamond that is in need of appraisal? On our new site, we make it easy to find an appraiser near you. We have several appraisers in almost all 50 states. Just find your state on the map, click on it, and you will find a list of appraisers organized alphabetically by city.


Are you interested in designing your own ring? NADB now has a page where you can create your own ring so that you can truly personalize your jewelry in a unique way. You can start by sending us an image of the ring you would like to create, and we’ll render your illustrations digitally and send them back for approval. Once you like what you see, we’ll have it cast, polished, and completed. If you don’t have the time or money just yet, don’t worry! We still honor our offer of a free engagement ring for a year. That way you can propose now and take the time to design her ring together.


As always, NADB is still 100% committed to making sure our customers know exactly what they’re buying before they make the commitment. That’s why we are the only online diamond broker that allows you to see your diamond before you buy it. We are affiliated with dozens of jewelers all over the country so that you can visit any one of our locations to see your diamond in person. If you are searching for loose diamonds in search of the stone that will truly knock her socks off, we know that it has to have that jaw dropping effect on you first. NADB has an envious track record of providing unrivalled customer service and overall client satisfaction. That’s because at NADB, it’s
all about the WOW factor!

So you have picked a few diamonds but you don’t know which one will appear more beautiful. We have a tool that should help but you have to exercise some caution. The HCA tool is powerful but it doesn’t do a few things. It doesn’t take into account polish or symmetry. It is very important that you only compare diamonds that have the same cut, polish and symmetry. For example, if you are considering purchasing one of two 1.00cts and they both have an excellent cut, polish and symmetry and you aren’t sure which one to buy the HCA score may help you decide. But, because HCA doesn’t look at polish and symmetry comparing a diamond with a very good cut, polish and symmetry to one with an excellent cut, polish and symmetry is not a good idea. It is very possible that the diamond with very good cut, polish and symmetry can yield a higher score than the diamond with an excellent cut, polish and symmetry. In reality it will probably not be as beautiful.

Go ahead and plug in the values in the HCA below. You will find the numbers you need on the GIA diamond report of the diamond you are interested in.

It takes a lot more than a cute design and a little sparkle to impress women today. They know what it takes to earn an income and they want to get real value from everything they buy. Whether it’s about making ends meet or getting the biggest return on their investment, they want to get the most for their dollar. When you know how to buy, diamonds can bring a lot of joy.

Not many investments these days are as recession-proof as diamonds. Good quality diamonds have been in demand for centuries and they are likely to be so for a long time. The key to a good diamond investment is not pay too much for the diamond when purchasing it.

Beautiful sunny days are quickly turning to cooler temperatures, lending way to a festive season filled with entertainment and elegance. You can brighten your holiday spirit even more with the right choice in diamond jewelry. Diamonds are always right for the occasion whether you are a guest at a gala or the hostess who wants to shine for her special occasion. Diamonds are not just for engagement rings. They are the ideal stone for creating beautiful hostess rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more.

Diamonds are also a reliable resource for those special gifts that will stand out from any other. Loose diamonds, in particular, give you many advantages over purchasing ready-made jewelry. For starters, they let you choose the quality and price of the diamond so that you get the best possible value. Purchasing loose diamonds without the setting can give you access to many more diamonds so that you can compare features and price to get the best deal.

When determining the value of any item you purchase, you compare the quality with the price. When it comes to shopping for a diamond, it may not be that easy to see firsthand whether the diamond you are considering is the best value for you. Working with a diamond broker who has an established reputation for providing the best quality diamonds at a fair price is a good way to start shopping for the best possible value in a diamond.

Although a number of different diamonds might look very nearly the same to the untrained eye, there are different features that determine just how valuable each stone really is. It isn’t just a matter of getting the largest diamond for the lowest price. The four C’s, color, cut, clarity, and carat weight, are all features that will determine the value and price of a diamond. In order to get the best value, you need to get the best scores in all of these areas at the lowest price. While someone who is looking to invest in diamonds will typically be more interested in getting the one that is closest to perfection, the shopper who is shopping for their own personal use may have other priorities to consider.

Pretty much everything that a person invests in will depreciate in value sooner or later. Even real estate property that seems to gain a lot of popularity and appreciation will someday lose its value. Other items like your car or your valuables will lose their high market value the very moment they become yours. A car that cost you $25,000 will immediately drop its value to around $17,000 the very first day you own it just because it is no longer a brand new vehicle coming straight from the dealer. The same cannot be said of jewelries however. This case especially goes to the value of loose diamonds.

Diamonds, especially those that have not yet been placed inside a piece of metal jewelry yet, will only gain more value over the passing of time. Diamonds will continue to become more and more expensive over time and this is why a lot of people are securing them for their personal financial gains. Here is a look at some of the top reasons why investing in diamonds is a good idea even in this day and age.

If you are looking to purchase a diamond engagement ring, you have a number of options from which to choose. You can buy your diamond from a mall store, internet diamond seller or local jeweler. Deciding where to shop can be as difficult as deciding on the right diamond. To help make things easier, you now have an additional choice for buying your diamond. You can choose to use a diamond broker..

Diamond brokers are your agents.

Of the lot, it can be said that it is better buying diamonds through diamond brokers. They can be considered your representatives in helping you find a great diamond of high quality and value.

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